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ESC’s Account Rep Training Program

The Energy Solutions Center has always focused on the enhancement of the core competencies of energy utility marketing and sales professionals.  ESC’s comprehensive Account Rep Training Programs enhances the capabilities of veteran marketing and sales staff, and is an essential element in the development of newer staff or new hires, in areas such as customer relationship management, sales and marketing, and application of end-use natural gas equipment and systems.

ESC is currently offering several different tracks of training which cover the basics of natural gas, customer development, the residential market and the commercial market.  Each training track includes more than a dozen individual training units.  Each training unit includes a handout of course material, a video presentation and an online test.  All training is web based and accessible 24/7 for members of ESC that are participating in the respective training programs.  At the conclusion of each unit, an on-line exam will be offered to help demonstrate that the knowledge has been absorbed by the individual who viewed the unit.  Certificates of completion will be awarded upon the successful testing out of each unit in the track.  In addition, ESC will issue a certificate of completion for the entire training track to students who successfully complete all training units in a given track.

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