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Carbon Reduction Methods Consortium

/ Objective

The natural gas industry has played a vital role in reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions through utility energy efficiency programs, leak detection & prevention programs, and by replacing coal fired power plants with cleaner, and more efficient, combined cycle power generation.  This is a great start, but much more work is needed to further reduce carbon emissions Technologies and methods to reduce our carbon footprint continue to evolve. North American gas utilities are undertaking efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the gas system through the application of low carbon methods, such as replacing some percentage of natural gas with renewable natural gas, and/or hydrogen, and supporting the research and development of higher efficiency appliances and other gas fired equipment.  LDCs support the effort of bringing an informed choice to energy decisions and are not opposed to any one form of energy – we need them all.

The objective of this consortium is to prepare a repository of customizable communication and marketing materials that enable individual utilities to more effectively educate & inform consumers about the benefits of natural gas as a low carbon solution.

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