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Multifamily Consortium

/ Objective

This consortium addresses the technical, institutional, and market challenges to greater natural gas use in existing and new multifamily developments. These challenges include:

  • First cost of equipment
  • Venting
  • Individual metering
  • Developer/owner/facility manager education


The consortium will enhance the efforts of our LDC’s by producing a wide range of tools, resources, and strategies that seek to leverage the increased awareness of energy efficiency in the multifamily sector and make it easier for the development/renovation community to bring natural gas to multifamily energy users.

/ Completed Deliverables and Ongoing Activities

Multifamily appliance study – This study evaluates eight different combinations of electric and gas equipment in a 10 story multifamily building.  The study includes first cost, installation cost breakouts, cut sheets of the equipment used in the model and an energy analysis for five of the options that seem most viable and competitive.

/ Proposed Deliverables

  • Documentation for distribution
  •  Cost Studies
  • Case Studies
  • Powerpoints for Customers and A&Es
  • Photo Stock Library
  • Quarterly Webinars – for multifamily developers on various gas solutions
  • Sharing of institutional knowledge
  • Think tanks and brainstorming