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Commercial Buildings Consortium

/ Objectives

The Commercial Buildings Consortium has been primarily focused on creating sales and marketing collateral material for various natural gas technologies across a broad set of commercial market segments.

Completed Deliverables:
• Created a series 1 & 2 page customizable handouts and support material to leave behind with customers. Total of ~ 800 pages covering commercial technologies as used in 9 primary commercial market segments and 5 niche markets.
• Created a few dozen case studies.
• Created 14 Presentations for A&E ‘lunch and learns’ or customer workshops (~900 slides)
• Comprehensive Vertical Subdivision Design Guide that members may customize
• Built a booster water heater tool, oil vs. gas emissions calculator, & water heater payback calculator.
• Updated Commercial CO2 Tool and made it adaptable for use in other Excel calculators
• Created customizable A&E marketing kit
• Produced various studies for the commercial market

Proposed Deliverables:
• Continue to create new commercial case studies
• Update and enhance Gas Cooling and heat pump tool
• Emerging EE Technology Prioritization Study

Electronic copies of the various deliverables produced by this consortium are posted here.  Case studies are posted publicly on ESC’s web site.