ESC Video Vault

The following videos were produced by various consortia of the Energy Solutions Center and are copyrighted. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited. Click on the video image to view the available videos.

Most videos below are able to be branded.  Branded copies of these videos are available for purchase. Each branded video will be produced in 2 formats, one designed for the web and one broadcast quality. Branded videos include your company logo and a voice over that announces your company name. The cost per branded video is $500 for ESC members. ESC members that also belong to respective consortia below may brand these for a lower cost or use the unbranded versions for no cost. 

Contact Eric Burgis at [email protected] if you are interested in branding any of the following videos. 

Residential Consortium

Abundant Supply Video
Run Time: 0m:30s
Abundant Supply Video
Run time 1m:0s
Environmental – Our Planet
Run time: 0m:41s
Domestic Supply
Run time: 0m:30s
Your Family Comfort
Run time: 0m:34s
Run time: 0m:34s
Water Heating
Run time: 0m:34s
Run time: 0m:34s
Run time: 0m:34s
Run time: 3m:28s
Run time: 2m:38s
Run time: 2m:39s
EE for Existing Homes
Run time: 4m:34s
EE for Remodeling
Your Home
Run Time: 4:56
Water Heating
Run Time: 3m:43s 
Outdoor Living
Run Time: 5:12
Natural Gas Fireplace
Run time: 3m:08s
Natural Gas Furnace
Run time: 3m:16s
Gas Fireplace Safety Tips
Run time: 2m:07s 
Outdoor Living
Run time: 0m:30s
Standby Generators
Outdoor Living
Run time: 0m:30s
We Delivered
Run time: 0m:30s
Furnace Video (not brandable)
Run time: 0m:52s
Grill Video (not brandable)
Run time: 1m:08s
Hot Water Video (not brandable)
Run time: 1m:05s
Standby Generator Video
Run time: 0m:43s (no branding)
Where Natural Gas Comes From
Run time: 0m:30s
Where Does Natual Gas Come From
Run time: 1m:00s
EE Furnace Tips
Run time: 0m:34s
EE Dryer Tips
Run time: 0m:34s
EE Cooking Tips
Run time: 0m:34s
Carbon Footprint
Run time: 0m:34s
EE Caulking Tips
Run time: 0m:34s
Run time: 0m:34s
EE Thermostats
Run time: 0m:34s
EE Hot Water Tips
time: 0m:34s
Conversion from Electric
Run time: 0m:30s
Conversion from oil/Propane
Run time: 0m:30s
Conversion (Funny video)
Run time: 0m:30s (brandable)
Why (Funny video)
Run time: 0m:30s (brandable)
Hard Sell (Funny video – 60 sec)
Run time: 1m:00s (brandable)
Hard Sell (Funny video – 30 sec)
Run time: 0m:30s (brandable)
Man of the Hour (Funny video)
Run time: 0m:30s (brandable)

CHP Consortium

Understanding CHP
Run time: 6m:06s
Engine Driven CHP Systems
Engine Driven CHP Systems
Run time: 2m:45s
Combustion Turbine CHP Systems
 Combustion Turbine CHP
Runtime: 2m:58s
 Micro CHP Systems
Run time: 3:12
Micro Turbines
Run time: 2:48
Fuel Cells
Run time: 2:40
Waste Heat Utilization
Run time: 4:28
Benefits of CHP
Run time: 7:31

Oil Conversion Consortium

Make the Switch
30 second spot
Make the Switch … Its the time
60 second spot
Oil Conversion-Clean Comfortable
Run time: 1m:43s
Oil Conversion-Saving Money
Run time: 0m:43s
Oil Conversion-Why Switch
Run Time: 2m:43s

Oil Conversion Consortium

Why Choose Gas Cooling
Run Time: 5:43s
Absorption Chillers
Run Time: 2m:26s
Engine-Driven Chillers
Run Time: 3m:25s
Humidity Control Equipment
Run Time: 4m:01s
Natural Gas Heat Pumps
Run Time: 3m:11s

Gas Foodservice Equipment Network

Gas Foodservice Equipment
Run Time: 4m:34s