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Industrial & Major Accounts Consortium

The consortium objective is to increase the skills, knowledge, and ability of the industrial account or major account rep to successfully deliver natural gas solutions that will result in enhanced customer productivity, competitiveness, profitability, reliability, and comfort.

Completed Deliverables and Ongoing Activities:

Flow Meter and Energy Management Guide. This comprehensive book guides the user in selecting a flow meter for his specific application, based on performance, technical specifications and cost criteria.  Twenty different meters in three main categories have been chosen for comparison.  The main attributes of each meter, advantages, disadvantages and approximate costs, are tabulated in a standard format for easy comparison. Completed, Guide is posted on the Member Only Page.

Industrial Calculator Tool. This tool selects the most promising energy saving projects without spending a lot of time and resources. It allows utility staff to work with industrial customers to prioritize opportunities for natural gas.  is a downloadable suite of calculations for use by a utility marketing representative when working with a customer on plant improvements and energy efficiency evaluations. There are 31 calculators covering a wide range of equipment in Steam Systems and Process Heating.  Each calculator has an input sheet with descriptions for the inputs and suggestions for typical inputs.  Once entered, a report can be printed for sharing with a customer.  Download the Industrial Calculators in one file by going to the “Tools & Calculators” page from the menu on the left. Completed, Tool is posted on the Member Only Page.

Training Modules: Comprehensive Account Rep Training Programs enhances the capabilities of veteran marketing and sales staff and is an essential element in the development of newer staff or new hires, in areas such as customer relationship management, sales and marketing, and application of end-use natural gas equipment and systems.   Shown below is the list of completed training modules as well proposed to be completed soon. Complete training program files can be found HERE.

  • Complete: Food Processing, Semiconductors, Power Generation, and Industrial Gas Rep 101
  • In the works: Fabricated Metals, Agricultural Greenhouses

Energy Efficiency: Encourage the implementation of technologies that will improve both productivity and energy efficiency while lowering operating costs and environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions/carbon footprints. New high temperature furnaces, melters, heaters, radiant devices, condensing boiler systems, direct contact water heaters, combined with advanced combustion systems, automation, controls, and monitoring equipment are part of a solution set for our industrial and institutional customers. Oxy-fuel combustors, new heat recovery schemes such as thermo-chemical recuperators, and hybrid concepts will be evaluated for their effectiveness in lowering carbon footprints. Workshops, webinars, tools and application guides are being developed to help member utilities identify best practices for their customers.