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CHP Consortium

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Main Objectives and Target

The objective of this consortium is to accelerate the adoption of CHP technologies by all potential customers from a single-family residence through large industrial applications and District systems.

Completed Deliverables and Ongoing Activities

• Market Application Analysis: A comprehensive techno-economic study identified and provided guidance for target market applications.
• Installation Data Base: Case studies and installation records provide guidance in replicating onsite power generation for key market segments.
• Sales Channel Management: The consortium has established relationships with key DG equipment providers and regularly features customer applications, success stories, and product innovations in GT Magazine and at TMAFs.
• Training and Guide Books: A website, www.PowerOnsite.org provides a comprehensive resource on equipment and installation practices for onsite power generation.
• Screening Tools: Screening tools are provided on the website to help identify profitable DG and CHP installations.

CHP Public Website