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Thermal Fluid Heaters

I Overview
Thermal fluid heaters circulate an oil-like fluid that has a boiling point significantly higher than that of water. This high boiling point allows it to use lower operating pressures than conventional steam systems.

II Applications
Thermal fluid heaters primarily take the place of high temperature and pressure steam systems or indirect industrial process heating.

Any industrial process in the 400 – 650º F temperature range, that can be heated indirectly, can use a thermal fluid heater. A single heater can supply many individual machines, such as in thermosetting. Presses are another common use for thermal fluid.

Thermal fluid is also reported to yield more precise temperature control than direct firing, with manufacturers claiming ±2º F of set-point. This could be critical for some applications, such as chemical processing and resin curing.

III Equipment Options
Thermal fluid heaters providing over 1 million BTUs are most likely to be gas-fired. Smaller heaters are more commonly powered by electricity.

IV Resources
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