Residential Consortium Member Contact List



Company Name Phone Fax State E-mail
AGL Resources Bobby Chester 678-878-5016     GA [email protected]
AGL Resources Greg Hare 404-584-3662      [email protected]
AGL Resources Margaret Lisi       [email protected]
AGL Resources Yvonne Merkel 404-584-4259 cell 404-357-8429 GA [email protected]
AGL Resources Corey Minshew 404.584.3947   GA [email protected]
AGL Resources Carl Owen 404-584-3291     GA [email protected]
AGL Resources Lang  Wooddy 404 584 3135   GA [email protected]
Alagasco  Christopher Gagliano 205-326-1880    AL [email protected]
Alagasco  Don Moore 205.326.8148    AL [email protected]
Alagasco  Tom Morse  (205) 326-1610  AL [email protected]
Alagasco  Steve Roberson 205-326-8425 205-326-2591 AL [email protected]
APGARF - SEAGD Lex Colquett (334)428-2834   AL [email protected]
APGARF - SEAGD Shannon Gooden (334) 428-2836 334-428-2888 AL [email protected] 
APGARF - SEAGD Greg Henderson (334) 222-4177  (334) 222-7803   AL [email protected]
APGARF- Clearwater Chuck Warrington (727)562-4901 (727) 562-4903  FL [email protected]
APGRF-MGAG Rodney Dill 770-590-1000 x114 (770) 425-3372 GA [email protected]
Atmos Marinda Heinrich  806-798-4463    Mult. Southern [email protected] 
Atmos Bob Kerley (615)794-2596 x 363 (615)771-8301 Mult. Southern [email protected]
Atmos Gary Rehm 214.206.2811    Mult. Southern [email protected]
Atmos Bridget Wallace 972-855-3738 Champion Mult. Southern [email protected]
Black Hills Jim Lacerte (719) 393-6632   [email protected]
Black Hills John Schlautman 402-221-2660     [email protected]
Black Hills Greg Shinaut       [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Kelly Chase (612)321-4484   MN [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Dan Dippon  (713) 207-3544 TX [email protected] 
CenterPoint Energy Sandra Dodd       [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Heather Dunagin (713) 207-6482   [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Claude Figueroa 903-534-9393     [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Thomas Fikac 830-643-6926     [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Ana Hargrove 713 207-5950   TX [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Steve Landrum 713-207-3465   TX [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Richard C Leger 501-377-4831   AR [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Doug Peterson (612)321-4753   MN [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Dave Poretti (612)321-4386   MN [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Kathleen Roche 409-860-7125     [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Rafi Sohail 612-321-4779   MN [email protected]
CenterPoint Energy Jen Stokes 612-321-4317   5 States [email protected]
Chesapeake Utilities Shane Breakie      DE / MD [email protected]
Chesapeake Utilities Greg Denston    410-548-5515 DE / MD [email protected]
Chesapeake Utilities Vince Fiorelli   302-736-7846   [email protected]
Chesapeake Utilities Scott Iseman 302-363-0986   DE / MD [email protected]
Chesapeake Utilities Dorrie Moore      DE / MD [email protected]
Chesapeake Utilities Darrell Wilson 410-548-5515 Champion DE / MD [email protected]
Chesapeake Utilities - CFG Scott Ranck  863-224-2986     [email protected]
Chesapeake Utilities -CFG Pat Spalding  863-289-2170     [email protected]
Citizens Energy Group Krista Jackson (317) 927-4430 IN [email protected]
Citizens Energy Group Jennifer Mentink (317)927-4445   IN [email protected]
Citizens Energy Group Jason Tuttle 317-927-4365   IN [email protected]
Citizens Energy Group Jeff Willmam 317-927-4790   IN [email protected]
City of Richmond Mariane Jorgenson 804-646-5224      [email protected]
City of Richmond Mike Kearns 804-646-5215   VA [email protected]
City of Richmond Monica Marlow (804) 646-5276  VA [email protected]
City of Richmond Jeff Whealton 804-646-5252     [email protected]
City Public Service Mark Blythe 210-353-2539 (210)353-2072 TX [email protected]
City Public Service Pat Kotara 210-353-3634 (210)353-2072 TX [email protected]
Columbia Gas Barbara Bell  603.422.8525   NH [email protected]
Columbia Gas Michael Belsky 717-416-6357   PA [email protected]
Columbia Gas Matthew Blymire 717-849-0121   PA [email protected]
Columbia Gas Jamie Briehl     OH [email protected]
Columbia Gas Stacy Burrus 603.422.8540     [email protected]
Columbia Gas Diego Catano      OH [email protected]
Columbia Gas Joe Codispoti 614-460-6354     [email protected]
Columbia Gas Chris Griffin 614-460-4661   OH [email protected]
Columbia Gas Liz Foley        [email protected]
Columbia Gas Jamie Leaver        [email protected]
Columbia Gas Myra Miller 614-460-4650   OH [email protected]
Columbia Gas Liam Needham 603 422 8582     [email protected]
Columbia Gas Vittorio Pareto  603.422.8502    NH [email protected]
Columbia Gas Patty Potvin 978.691.6468      [email protected]
Columbia Gas Tammy Turner 614-460-6804   OH [email protected]
Columbia Gas Robert Williams 540-368-3216     [email protected]
DTE Energy Chris Cole 231-932-2838   MI [email protected]
DTE Energy Bob Fegan (616)776-2919   MI [email protected]
DTE Energy Cortney Robertson 231-592-3215   MI [email protected]
DTE Energy Gregory Woloszczuk 313-235-1013   MI [email protected]
East Tennessee Group Mike Gundersen 931-455-9311   TN [email protected]
Enbridge Gas Pamela Callow 416-753-6286   ON [email protected]
Enbridge Gas Bill Castellan 416-753-6271   ON [email protected]
Enbridge Gas Susan Clinesmith 416-753-6256   ON [email protected]
Enbridge Gas Krista Osborne 416-495-5982   ON [email protected]
Enbridge Gas Distribution Jennifer Gomes (416) 495-5803    [email protected]
Equitable Gas  Bill Becker 412-395-3904   PA  
Florida Public Utilities Winston Humphrey 561-602-3707   FL [email protected]
Florida Public Utilities Aleida Socarras 863 885 1806     [email protected]
Florida Public Utilities Kevin Webber     FL [email protected]
GRU Mike Brown 352-393-1466   FL [email protected] 
GTI Tim Cole 847-768-0854 (847)768-0501 IL [email protected]
GTI Neil Leslie 847-768-0926   IL [email protected]
Heritage Gas Ltd. Michael Howard (902) 464-7026     [email protected]
Heritage Gas Ltd. Larry Moores       [email protected]
Intermountain Gas Brent Wilde 208-377-6053   ID [email protected]
Laclede Jim Hearing 314-342-0895 (314)342-9577 MO [email protected]
Laclede Sidney Koltun  314-575-4826   MO [email protected]
Laclede Pat McMillen (636) 978-2663  ext. 104 MO [email protected]
Laclede Dave Simorka  (314)342-0679     [email protected]
MGE Dustin Borland      MO [email protected]
MGE Jason Fulp      MO [email protected]
MGE Pam Levetzow      MO [email protected]
MGE Susan Marx      MO [email protected]
MGE Robert Painter       [email protected]
MGE Amy Reardon  816-360-5586   MO [email protected]
MGE Patti Reardon  816-360-5625   MO [email protected]
MGE Jabbar Wesley  816-360-5926   MO [email protected]
National Fuel Rob Eck (716)857-7711 Champion NY [email protected]
National Fuel John Gruchala 716-857-7492     [email protected]
National Fuel Sharon Kalajainen 814-871-8286 814-871-8008 PA [email protected]
National Fuel Brenda Litzinger   716-857-7023   [email protected]
National Fuel Scott Swartzfager   (814)871-8225   [email protected]
Natural Gas Technologies Center Caroline Duphily 450-641-8169   PQ [email protected]
Natural Gas Technology Centre Stéphane Brunet (450)641-8130     [email protected]
NW Natural Cory Beck   503.220.2576       [email protected]
NW Natural Carollyn Farrar (503) 721-2473   [email protected]
NW Natural Brenda Hartzog 503-721-2460   OR [email protected]
ONEOK Pam Hall        [email protected]
ONEOK Julie Hatfield  (512) 370-8790     [email protected]
ONEOK Dennis Okenfuss        [email protected]
ONEOK Margaret von Flatern 512-465-1130     [email protected]
ONEOK Steve Zieg        [email protected]
Peco Kathy MacWilliams (215)841-4005     [email protected]
Peco Jim Pryor 484-422-8533     [email protected]
Peco Michele Wells-Bates       [email protected]
Peco Robin White 215-841-5922     [email protected]
PGW Sean Beaty   215-684-6459 PA [email protected]
PGW Mary Galasso (215)684-6744   PA [email protected]
PGW Hans Greene 215-684-6319 267-249-5952 cell PA [email protected]
PGW Jean Kemp (215)684-6757   PA [email protected]
PGW Thomas Kenny 215.684.6727      [email protected]
PGW Lorraine McKenna (215) 684-6964  PA [email protected]
Piedmont Natural Gas Michael Doebler       [email protected]
Piedmont Natural Gas Loree Elswick (704) 731-4236   [email protected]
Piedmont Natural Gas Jennifer Miller       [email protected]
Piedmont Natural Gas David Nestor 704-731-4357   NC [email protected]
Piedmont Natural Gas Cassandra Newsome 704-731-4285     [email protected]
Piedmont Natural Gas Beth Potts 704-731-4395   NC [email protected]
Piedmont Natural Gas Jennifer Sharpe       [email protected]
Piedmont Natural Gas Claire Taylor 704-731-4160     [email protected]
S.W. Gas Laurie Brown 760-951-4017     [email protected]
S.W. Gas Angela Chan 702.364.3324            [email protected]
S.W. Gas Laury Falter (702) 364-3438   [email protected]
S.W. Gas Bob Landrum       [email protected]
S.W. Gas Yvonne Low 702-876-7212     [email protected]
S.W. Gas Lisa Rankin 520-794-6423 520-794-6423   [email protected]
S.W. Gas Mark Robbins  775-887-2717     [email protected]
S.W. Gas Lisa Sexton (702) 876-7282   [email protected]
semco energy Amy Howison       [email protected]
Semco Energy Michelle Levin       [email protected]
Semco Energy Tim Lubbers       [email protected]
semco energy David McCowen (906) 475-9901     [email protected]
SoCal Darrell Brand 562-803-7402     [email protected]
SoCal Rodney Davis 213.244.5644  213.244.8252  CA [email protected]
SoCal Dale Fontanez 213-244-5375   CA [email protected]
SoCal Jim Lucas     CA [email protected]
SoCal Karen Mar (562) 803-7463   [email protected]
SoCal Carlos Ruiz (562)803-7400 562-803-7534 CA [email protected]
SoCal Steve Simons 213-244-3660     [email protected]
SoCal Ganesh Venkat     CA [email protected]
SoCal Octavio Verduzco 213.244.5192      [email protected]
South Jersey Gas Todd Gordon 609-561-9000 x 4217 NJ [email protected]
South Jersey Gas Bill Holmes 609-561-9000 ext. 6350 NJ [email protected]
South Jersey Gas Michele Lamb 609 561-9000 ext. 4252 NJ [email protected]
Southern Natural Gas Joe Gordon (205)325-7323 (205)325-3587 Mult. Southern [email protected]
Teco-Peoples Michelle Bozman  813.228.4663     [email protected]
Teco-Peoples Trudy Clark  904-813-0502     [email protected]
Teco-Peoples Mike Farmer 813-228-4540   FL [email protected]
Teco-Peoples Mark Haney 813-228-1419   FL [email protected]
Teco-Peoples Lance Horton 813-228-4561   FL [email protected]
Teco-Peoples Ray Lavoie 305-970-0919   FL [email protected]
Teco-Peoples Jackie Perrone (813) 275-3723     [email protected]
Teco-Peoples Darrell Reneau 352-497-5739     [email protected]
Teco-Peoples Ralph Terrell 813-228-1787   FL [email protected]
The Gas Company Audrey Okaneku (808) 594-5513   [email protected]
UGI Stacy Lord       [email protected]
UGI Deborah Leuffen 610-796-3441   PA [email protected]
UGI Barry Wentzel 610-796-3548   PA [email protected]
Union Gas Keith Boulton  416-496-5363    ON [email protected] 
Union Gas Tracey Brooks       [email protected]
Union Gas Gordon Lau 905-548-3472     [email protected]
Union Gas Tracy Lynch       [email protected]
Union Gas Diane Murray (905)548-3480 Champion ON [email protected]
Union Gas John Overall 416-496-5281   ON [email protected]
Union Gas Alyssa Pinto 416-496-5206   ON [email protected]
Vectren Jerry Breeck 317-776-5526   IN [email protected]
Vectren Randy Cech 937-440-1830   OH [email protected]
Vectren Randy Crutchfield 317-776-5560   IN [email protected]
Vectren Gerry Jones 317-718-3604   IN [email protected]
Vectren Kim Krupsaw 812 491 4113     [email protected]
Vectren Sidney Thomas 812-598-4484   IN [email protected]
Washington Gas Lynn Ames       [email protected]
Washington Gas Jennifer Eugene 703-750-4844   VA, DC [email protected]
Washington Gas Leslie Hazel       [email protected]
Washington Gas John Ray 703-750-7612   VA, DC [email protected]
Xcel Energy Juan Galloway 651.779.3519   MN [email protected]
Xcel Energy Becky Harasyn 651.748.3333    MN [email protected]
Xcel Energy Scott Hults (651)229-2265   MN [email protected]
Xcel Energy Michael Mayerchak 651.462.6204    MN [email protected]
Xcel Energy Gerry Traut 218.825.2305    MN [email protected]
Yankee Gas Michael Collins 203-317-4402   CT [email protected]
Yankee Gas Lloyd Dugan 860-665-6274     [email protected]
Yankee Gas Gerald Graham  860-665-2712   CT [email protected]
Yankee Gas Jeannie Maitland (860) 665-5570 CT [email protected]
Yankee Gas Pat Mathavan 860-665-5659   CT [email protected]
Yankee Gas Chris Nolan      CT [email protected]
Yankee Gas Deborah Schindler     CT [email protected]