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Power Generation Hybrid Systems

I Overview
Hybrid systems may combine different types of prime movers, or they may combine conventional prime movers with renewable energy systems such as wind or solar power. They may also be comprised of prime movers coupled with batteries, electric motors, storage devices, or direct drive systems to provide electrical and mechanical power under a variety of conditions.

II Applications
Hybrid systems often provide higher overall system efficiencies, greater reliability, or larger emission reductions than systems based on a single technology.

III Equipment Options
Many different configurations are possible, at least in theory. For example, a solid-oxide fuel cell can be combined with a gas turbine. In this arrangement, the hot exhaust from the pressurized fuel cell stack, which still contains 50% of the fuel’s energy (as unreacted fuel and waste heat), is fed back into the turbine, combusted and expanded to extract more energy. Energy recovered from a recuperator preheats inlet air for the fuel cell stack and compressor.

IV Resources
1. Equipment Manufacturer Database
2. Distributed Generation Consortium