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Industrial Energy Use by State Information Updated on the Industrial Technologies Program State Activities Website

September 9, 2011

The Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) has just released an update to the State Activities website, which contains a wealth of information about industrial energy use in each state in the U.S., along with new information on state-by-state ITP activities. Access the site to find statistics on industry for each state, including economic indicators and a snapshot of industrial energy use. In addition, learn about ITP activities in each state. The site provides details about ITP-sponsored assessments at manufacturing plants, information about research and development projects, and case studies detailing ITP's work with local industry. Users will also find links to learn about training opportunities in industrial energy use and lists of state-specific contacts who can provide expert services and resources to help manufacturers improve their energy efficiency.
Free access to the site, as well as other ITP resources, can be found by visiting the Save Energy Now State and Regional Partnerships website.