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Industrial & Major Accounts Consortium

Main Objectives and Target:

The consortium objective is to increase the skills, knowledge, and ability of the industrial account or major account rep to successfully deliver natural gas solutions that will result in enhanced customer productivity, competitiveness, profitability, reliability, and comfort.

This consortium will meet in-person at the 3 TMAF's and one time by conference call between TMAFs.


  • Investment Prospectus - Click here to view

  • Completed Deliverables and Ongoing Activities:


    Proposed Deliverables:

    The Champions are always looking for new ideas and input for the next deliverable.

    Web Sites and Public information:


    LinkedIn - There is an IMAC Closed Group for sharing news, interesting articles, reports and other topics of interest to our group.  Contact Tina Read to be invited to join the group and start a conversation today!



    • The central launch site NaturalGasTechnology.org has been developed and existing web material has been reviewed, updated and standardized. The link to the pages of revised materials, as listed here, is provided below. 
      • Air Compressor
      • Boiler Technologies
      • Understanding CHP
      • Food Processing Technologies
      • Heat Treat Technologies
      • Industrial Energy Efficiency (Natural Gas Efficiency)
      • Gas IR Paper Drying Technologies
      • Gas Air Conditioning
      • Gas Technology Advisor
    • Industrial Calculators is a downloadable suite of calculations for use by a utility marketing representative when working with a customer on plant improvements and energy efficiency evaluations.  There are 31 calculators covering a wide range of equipment in Steam Systems and Process Heating.  Each calculator has an input sheet with descriptions for the inputs and suggestions for typical inputs.  Once entered, a report can be printed for sharing with a customer.  Download the Industrial Calculators in one file by going to the "Tools & Calculators" page from the menu on the left.
    • A Practical Guide to Flowmeters, by Bob Griffin, as been revised.  This comprehensive book guides the user in selecting a flow meter for his specific application, based on performance, technical specifications and cost criteria.  Twenty different meters in three main categories have been chosen for comparison.  The main attributes of each meter, advantages, disadvantages and approximate costs, are tabulated in a standard format for easy comparison. 
    • Industrial Training for IMAC members is an ongoing effort.  A committee of members is working to develop training to be rolled out over the course of the next year.  The first module is expected to be ready in September 2017.