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Gas Technology Magazine

Gas Technology Magazine

Energy Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Customers

As 2021 ends, the Energy Solutions Center has an exciting announcement that we are certain will help us continue to deliver peak value to our members and the customers you serve.  Beginning in 2022, ESC will combine two of our previous publications—Gas Technology magazine and Energy Solutions for Commercial Buildings magazine—into one, under the moniker Gas Technology—Energy Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Customers. ESC believes that this change will afford our members the opportunity to cater to more audiences and reach more customers, all while streamlining the process of ordering, shipping, and delivering materials. In addition, combining the publications represents a more cost-effective solution for our members that utilize ESC materials to reach both commercial and industrial customers.

Gas Technology magazine is produced 2 times per year by the Energy Solutions Center and serves as the primary communication vehicle between gas utilities and hundreds of thousands of commercial & industrial customers, consultants, and engineers. Printed and/or electronic versions available.

2022 Editorial Content

  • Gas Heat Pumps
  • CHP success stories (new story in each issue)
  • Improving hot water heating efficiency
  • Efficiency Improvement of industrial equipment
  • Latest improvements in boiler and steam systems
  • Low carbon strategies
  • Impact of electrification on C&I customers
  • Renewable Gas
  • Update on Hydrogen
  • Gas cooling
  • Burner and low emissions combustion systems
  • Drying and heating technologies
  • Boiler success stories

There’s no better way to convey the advantages of energy-efficient natural gas to your large commercial and industrial customers than ESC’s Gas Technology magazine. Whether your customer communication programs are sophisticated or elementary, Gas Technology magazine can be a key component of your message to these critical customers. Highlighting new applications of gas equipment and focusing on gas policy issues impacting your customers, Gas Technology is available in both print and electronic formats. The magazine is professionally written and is available to ESC members.

To those members who ordered GT and ESCB separately in the past, ESC thanks you for your continued support. If you never ordered GT or ESCB, consider ordering the minimum of 50 copies to share with your staff.

As an added bonus, this magazine is inserted in other magazines creating additional outreach on your behalf to reach A&E, Consultants and other stakeholders and/or decision-makers. Inserts include: >60,000 in Plant Engineering, 73,700 Control Engineering, and 42,750 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Subscribers.


Orders are due by Friday, December 31, 2021. 


Click Here to place your order for 2022 Gas Technology magazines. Please return your completed subscription form to Carolyn Dorf, cdorf@escenter.org.

Should you have any questions regarding the new and expanded version of Gas Technology in terms of content, please contact Eric Burgis (eburgis@escenter.org) or Cherif Youssef (cyoussef@escenter.org).