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Patio Heaters

I Overview
Patio heaters warm people who are underneath them and help extend the outdoor season.

II Applications
Natural gas patio heaters can be used for residential outdoor rooms, for restaurant outdoor dining areas, or other outdoor patios or common areas to extend the use of the area by people when the temperature starts to drop.

III Equipment Options
Natural gas patio heaters can be either permanently mounted and piped, or portable using a flexible gas hose. Ignition methods for patio heaters include piezoelectric, and automatic electronic, allowing for easier operation.

Typical mushroom-style patio heaters can be mounted on either a ceiling or post. In addition, rectangular infrared patio heaters are available and can be wall or ceiling mounted. The main difference between the mushroom and rectangular styles is the physical area that they will heat.

IV Resources
1. Equipment Manufacturer Database

V Photo