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CHP Consortium

Main Objectives and Target:

The objective of this consortium is to accelerate the adoption of CHP technologies by all potential customers from a single family residence through large industrial applications and District systems. 

Completed Deliverables and Ongoing Activities:
• Market Application Analysis: A comprehensive techno-economic study identified and provided guidance for target market applications.
• Installation Data Base: Case studies and installation records provide guidance in replicating onsite power generation for key market segments.
• Sales Channel Management: The consortium has established relationships with key DG equipment providers and regularly features customer applications, success stories, and product innovations in GT Magazine and at TMAFs.
• Training and Guide Books: A website, www.PowerOnsite.org provides a comprehensive resource on equipment and installation practices for onsite power generation.
• Screening Tools: Screening tools are provided on the website to help identify profitable DG and CHP installations.
• Showcase Demonstrations: The current joint evaluation with DOE monitors the installation and operation of a 4.6 MW Solar Centaur-50 CHP system at a Frito-Lay food processing plant in Killingly, CT. In addition, the consortium is currently supporting the introduction of the Tecogen CM-100 Inverter-Based CHP model by co-funding showcase installations at a Brooklyn, NY apartment complex and a food processing plant served by National Grid. Previous evaluations/case studies covered Capstone microturbine installations at a plating shop and Bowman microturbines at a brick factory in SoCal Gas' service territory, a large engine-based CHP system at a food processor in Nicor Gas' service territory, and a packaged engine CHP system at a commercial laundry in National Grid's service territory.

Proposed Deliverables:
• Technology Evaluations: Continue to work with members to identify DG, CHP packages, and onsite power generation opportunities that will decrease energy costs and increase the efficiency of operations at customer locations.

Web Sites and Public information:


Electronic copies of completed deliverables are located on the ESC members only area for the Distributed Generation Consortium