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Water Heaters Booster Water Heaters

I Overview
Booster water heaters increase the temperature of hot water from 140º F to 180º F for use in cleaning and sanitizing dishware.

II Applications
Booster water heaters are used with dishwashers in commercial or institutional kitchens. The hotter water they produce replaces the combination of hot water and sanitizing chemicals used in conventional dishwashers.

Because the water is hotter, it can remove fatty acids and lipstick better than chemical machines alone. In addition, the use of 180º F water prevents chemical etching of glass and dishware and produces fewer spots on flatware. Hotter water also comes with a faster drying time, which can reduce the hazard from water-slick floors.

III Equipment Options
Booster water heaters can be mounted on a wall or under a dish table, near a dishwasher or remotely. Direct vent or ventless models are available, although you should check local codes before installing a ventless model.

IV Resources
1. Equipment Manufacturer Database
2. Gas Foodservice Equipment Network

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