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Blast Furnaces

I Overview
Blast furnaces convert raw materials, often metal ores, into pure molten metal. They force gusts of hot air and gases up through the furnace load. As air is pushed into the furnace from the bottom, ore and fuel are pushed in through the top. When the two meet, the ore melts and molten metal forms.

II Applications
Blast furnaces are most commonly used for metal smelting, but can be used for other types of metal processing and heat treating.

III Equipment Options
Blast furnaces are constructed from a combination of off-the-shelf equipment and custom constructed components. The largest components of the blast furnace proper include the furnace shell, the furnace internal refractory lining, and the crucible-like hearth.

IV Resources
1. Equipment Manufacturer Database
2. Heat Treat Consortium/Metals Advisor

V Photo
credit: Davy Intl.