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AGA's newest report: 'Uncovering the U.S. Natural Gas Commercial Sector' examines the natural gas commercial sector and its many benefits to the U.S. economy. The report highlights the fact that clean, affordable natural gas has led to $76 billion in savings for American businesses since 2009 and that greater use of natural gas in the commercial sector provides an incredible opportunity to boost the profitability of America’s small businesses which could have a profound effect.
The Energy Solutions Center is launching a Zero Net Energy Workgroup (ZNE) to help ESC members stay ​abreast of regulatory, business, and technological issues.  This workgroup will address the move to drastically reduce energy  consumption and will provide valuable information to natural gas utilities as they contemplate how best to operate in a  low carbon environment.
Owners of warehouses and other commercial structures could receive 100% deduction for the addition of energy-efficient HTHV products in 2015 and 2016
Tim Seel discusses the latest Superior Radiant Products infrared lines and how commercial and industrial customers can improve heating efficiencies.