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Tools and Calculators

Outdoor Room Designer


For PC or Apple Users: http://3dvisualizer.showoff.com/gas.html

To create your own outdoor room design, use our latest program to input a picture of your outdoor space and add equipment to view your new outdoor living space.


Commercial Buildings Carbon Foot Print Calculator



This Commercial Carbon Calculator was originally produced by ICF International for ESC, then web based by Enercom Inc. The web based tool includes E-Grid 2010 data, national energy pricing, and alternative energy sources.

Residential Energy & Emissions Carbon Calculator

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The Residential Energy & Emissions Calculator allows a user to compare the energy usage, emissions and approximate energy costs for a home that utilizes natural gas for heating, water heating, cooking and clothes dryer versus various other energy sources for these appliances.  Users have ultimate flexibility in being able to select from various pieces of equipment and efficiencies. The calculator will default to using state average energy prices for the different fuels or a user has the option to input their local rates. Emissions are calculated for electric using current E-grid data on emissions.

 Heating Oil & Propane Cost Calculator
This simple calculator compares the cost of heating oil and/or propane to that of natural gas.

 Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Payback Tool


This tool provides a simple payback calculation for various CHP technologies based on the size and energy rates.



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