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Energy Management Systems

I Overview
Energy management systems (EMS) are computer-based systems commonly used to monitor and control building HVAC and lighting systems, including groups of buildings such as university campuses, office buildings, or factories. They may also collect data from electric, gas, and water meters.

II Applications
EMS allow for both local and remote monitoring and control of HVAC components. EMS may also be interfaced with building security and fire protection systems. EMS are also used to monitor and control a variety of commercial and industrial processes.

III Equipment Options
Older EMS used pneumatic (air pressure) sensors and controllers, although these can be interfaced with more modern digital controls. Some modern systems use wireless controls, which often have higher equipment costs but are easier to install than wired controls.

A variety of individual controls and software platforms are available. Please see our equipment manufacturer database for specific examples.

IV Resources
1. Equipment Manufacturer Database
2. Natural Gas Efficiency Consortium (http://www.naturalgasefficiency.org/)