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Energy Solutions Center Inc.

400 N. Capitol St., NW 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-948-6566
E-mail: events@escenter.org


Residential & Commercial Energy Efficiency

Please note that this consortium has closed. Deliverables from this group can be found in the members only section of either the Commercial Buildings Consortium or the Residential Consortium.  If you are not a member of these consortia, and want to join, please contact the appropriate person listed below.

Commercial Buildings: Eric Burgis, eburgis@escenter.org

Residential: Barbara Stinson, bstinson@escenter.org


Main Objectives and Target:

The objectives of this consortium are to 1) Enhance the success of utility initiatives designed to increase energy conservation and efficiency within the residential and commercial sectors, and 2) Reduce the cost and time for utilities to train staff in the design, implementation, and evaluation of conservation and efficiency programs for the residential and commercial sectors, and 3) Capitalize on the DSM and energy efficiency experience of ESC member companies to prevent “re-inventing the wheel” when it comes to establishing and implementing successful energy efficiency programs, and 4) Develop strategies and approaches to more effectively influence trade allies, equipment vendors, and consultants integral to the residential and commercial customer’s decision making process.

Completed Deliverables:
• Wrote 28 residential and commercial EE articles (customizable by members)
• Presentation that compares and contrasts various residential green building guidelines
• Commercial Energy Efficiency Presentation
• Extensive glossary of industry terminology
• Energy Efficiency Rebate Analysis – list of current rebates
• Benefits of natural gas  & Source to Site Tri-folds
• Home Energy Audit White Paper
• Residential and Commercial EE Web Site, www.naturalgasefficiency.com
• Energy Star Homes Booklet
• Utility EE Program Design Guide
• Small Business Energy Efficiency Guide 
• Series of 30 second video tips
• Case Studies
• Misc. Graphics

Web Sites and Public information:


Electronic copies of the various deliverables are located either here or in the respective Residential or Commercial Buildings consortia.