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Boiler Burner Consortium

Main Objectives and Target:

The consortium provides member companies with resources and technology solutions for large commercial and industrial steam system customers. Automation/controls, low-emission burners, efficient heat recovery systems, and compact boiler systems are addressed. Emerging technologies such as ultra-low NOx burners, automation products, and energy management software are regularly evaluated. New boiler products such as highly efficient condensing boilers, control schemes, and retrofit condensing economizers are featured in Gas Technology Magazine, workshops, and at ESC TMAF presentations. Tours and case studies of showcase installations provide the utility member with customer perspectives.

Completed Deliverables and Ongoing Activities:

  • Workshops: Customer oriented workshop/training modules have been developed. These provide the customer with combustion basics, boiler tutorials, and an in-depth look at emission controls, regulations, and boiler burner solutions. Custom tailored workshops, cover such topics as application guides for economizers, condensing/non-condensing flue gas heat recovery systems, and steam system efficiency solutions.
  • Information Technology Products: Comprehensive application resource guides, equipment information, and tutorials for low-NOx burner systems and efficiency improvement measures are available on our dedicated website: www.CleanBoiler.org
  • Network with Trade Allies: The consortium coordinates its activities with manufacturers, trade associations (CIBO and ABMA), state, and federal agencies. Boiler, boiler burner, and ancillary equipment and control manufacturers are regularly invited to our TMAF technology sessions and consortium meetings. Recent focus has been on energy audit solutions, linkage-less controls, and high efficiency condensing systems. We continue to work with the Industrial Technology group at DOE in promoting best practices solutions for steam systems and Save-Energy-Now energy audits.
  • Technology Assessments and Evaluations: The consortium regularly works with manufacturers to identify and assess new technology solutions for our customers. We continue to monitor the availability and performance of ultra-low NOx burner systems, GTI developments, and automation and controls schemes.

Proposed Deliverables:

Information Products and Resources: Workshops, webinars, web-based product and application guides, as well as, membership communiqués and expertise will continue to expand the available resources for utility staff and customer inquiries for steam systems.

Web Sites and Public information:


Electronic copies of the various deliverables produced by this consortium are located on the ESC members only area for the Boiler Burner Consortium.