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Water Heat Exchangers

I Overview
Water heat exchangers use the latent heat from waste water to preheat incoming fresh water.

In a typical water heat exchanger, incoming fresh water circulates around outgoing heated waste water. The waste water transfers its heat energy to the fresh water through the interior walls, heating the fresh water – typically to over 100ºF – and cooling the waste water.

II Applications
Commercial and industrial facilities that are hooked to city sewers may need to cool their waste water in order to meet local codes. Water heat exchangers allow them to do so without needing to add cold water to the waste stream.

Water heat exchangers are generally used in commercial and industrial settings. They can yield water heating savings as high as 80%.

III Equipment Options

IV Resources
1. Equipment Manufacturer Database
2. Natural Gas Efficiency Consortium (http://www.naturalgasefficiency.org/)

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