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Heating Snow Melt Systems

I Overview
Snow melt systems keep impervious paved surfaces, such as driveways and sidewalks, free from snow and ice buildup. They melt snow and ice by circulating a solution (usually antifreeze and water) through PEX tubing permanently installed beneath the surface.

II Applications
Applications include residential driveways and walkways, commercial walkways, driveways or parking lots. Snow melt systems are often installed under emergency entrances to hospitals or helipads. The technology is also used in some professional football fields to keep turf grass growing all winter long.

III Equipment Options
Tubing spacing and energy load will depend on the snow-free Area Ratio (AR) needed. This number indicates the amount of area that needs to be free of snow while it is still falling. In general, a higher AR will require higher energy loads and closer tubing. Residential walkways and driveways have the lowest AR, while hospital entrances have the highest.

IV Resources
1. Equipment Manufacturer Database
2. Natural Gas Efficiency Consortium

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