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TMAF Speakers Information


Speaker Information TMAF Meeting

The Energy Solutions Center Inc. is a trade association of energy utilities that promotes the utilization of new gas-fueled equipment for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, thanks you for agreeing to speak to our membership at our upcoming Technology and Market Assessment Forum.

The opportunity to speak before the TMAF has led to many successful partnerships between the nation’s gas utilities and vendors of gas-fired equipment. The Center raises funds to help demonstrate gas equipment at customer locations around the country, and produces marketing support materials to help equipment manufacturers and utilities more successfully penetrate their markets. Our members are anxious to support and promote new gas-fueled equipment being developed by companies such as yours.

We sincerely hope that you are as excited about this opportunity as we are. The nation’s largest utilities are anxious to meet with you at TMAF and to join you in marketing new gas-fueled technologies to thousands of customers.



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All speakers must register to attend this conference.



Your Presentation

Your presentation is the most vital part of your participation in the event. We have put together a guideline to help you tailor your presentation to our group.  If you are an equipment manufacturer, please read the guidelines and suggestions thoroughly.  We have put all our past experiences into the development of these guidelines to help you MAXIMIZE this opportunity.  We want to help you make the most of the time you are given and we welcome the chance to talk to you more in detail about what should be in the presentation.


Presentations should be sized to 16:9 formatting (standard PowerPoint default).  ESC compiles the meeting presentations into a master file to ensure that our agenda runs smoothly throughout the day, and on-site changes will not be accommodated.



Presentation Guidelines (click to download PDF) 

We do ask you to upload the presentation by Tuesday, September 22, 2020  so that we have time to review and suggest changes if needed.

CLICK HERE to Upload your presentation. 



You are welcome to submit a brief biography and presentation summary to include in our official TMAF booklet. Your biography can be no more than 100 words long. It should include your name, company and title as the header and this will not count against your 100 word maximum.  Your presentation summary should be no more than 2-sentences long. Please submit your 100 word biography and 2-sentence presentation summary by Tuesday, September 8, 2020 to Stephanie Moran at smoran@escenter.org in order to have it printed in our TMAF booklet.


Day of Presentation (at the TMAF)

Sit in the front row during the presentation prior to yours (so that staff can find you). Place the copies of your presentation at the back of your meeting room on the literature table provided and ask ESC staff to handout your presentation to attendees.