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Energy Solutions Center Inc.

400 N. Capitol St., NW 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20001

Voice 202-824-7153
E-mail aduckman@escenter.org


Residential Video Consortium

Main Objectives and Target:

Created a series of branded videos on various residential technologies and concepts for use by member utilities on their web sites, at home shows, in model homes, on cable access, movie theaters, etc.

Completed Primary Deliverables:
o Nine 2-4 Minute Videos
o Three 30 second spots (Environmental, Abundant Supply, Comfort), (also in Spanish)
o Four 30 second spots (Heating, Water Heating, Cooking, Dryers)

o Two Abundant Supply spots
o Composed 3 tracks of royalty free musico
o ~ 300 Stock photos

On 10/28/11 this consortium merged with the Residential Burner Tips (RBT) Consortium.  From this date forward, only videos will be posted on this page.  Meeting notes, etc. will be posted on the RBT page.

Web Sites and Public information:
These videos are branded for individual member companies.

Draft videos produced by this consortium as well as other industry videos can be viewed at esc.ecorptv.com .