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EE Technology Prioritization Study - Description Memo

Memo from Posterity Group that explains what the study is about. download/read more


EE Technology Prioritization Study - Results

This is the final results of the emerging EE technology prioritization study. It contains a couple worksheets that summarize the residential and commercial market as well as worksheet descriptions of each technology in the study. download/read more


Residential Source to Site Brochure

This downloadable Zip file contains the virgin files for this brochure, produced in In-Design as well as a Word & PDF version of the brochure. Consortium members may customize and use these, but note that photos are not transferable to other marketing material. download/read more


Benefits of Gas Tri-fold 2.6 MB

Tri-fold created for RCEE members download/read more


Natural Gas Generators 28.5 KB

Customizable Article download/read more

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