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Residential Consortium

Main Objectives and Target:

This consortium is a forum for collaboration and sharing of ideas and thoughts about how to create a better approach for the residential market segment. The effort focuses primarily on adding residential burner tips.

Completed Deliverables:
• Residential Appliance Study and Payback Tool (White paper + Excel payback tool)
• Extensive electronic portfolio of residential information including: copy points for various technologies, Equipment Manufacturers Directory, Advertisement Library, Member ‘Approach to Market’ presentations, Running Survey of member Q&A’s, studies, etc.
• Stock royalty free Photo Library of over 400 photos
• Comprehensive Heat Pump Study (122 pages), plus Geothermal Heat Pump Position Paper
• Created widely used Site vs. Source Emissions Tool (aka Residential CO2 Calculator)
• Natural Living Magazine - Produced 2X per year 
• Exhibit at Trade Shows: HPBExpo 2008 & 2009. NAHB/IBS show 2010 & 2011.

• Outdoor Room Visualization and Design software
• National Builder Task Force - Targeting large builders
• NAHB home price study and Consumer Preference for gas study
• Other deliverables as needed or TBD

On 10/28/11 This Consortium merged with the Residential Video Consortium.

Web Sites and Public information:
This consortium does not have its own web site.

Electronic copies of the various deliverables produced by this consortium are located here.