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National Accounts Consortium

Main Objectives and Target:

This new consortium, formed in the summer of 2008, addresses the growth in national chains in market segments such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and health care facilities. This customer has special needs and decisions are often made at headquarter locations. The objective of this consortium effort is to develop a more meaningful relationship between gas utilities and National Account (NA) customers in order to identify needs and raise the awareness of natural gas products and services to this class of customers. The Center has retained the services of a NA Relationship Manager, Melanie Anthony, who will regularly communicate with NA customer decision makers. This effort will include frequent visits to key NA headquarter locations in the US and Canada.

Proposed Deliverables:
• Create Innovative Partnerships between Energy Utilities and National Account Customers Based on a Dedicated NA Relationship Manager: The NA Relationship Manager will help launch new initiatives with NA facility planning and store operations decision makers throughout the US and Canada by establishing a direct relationship between Center members and NA customers. Our goal will be to facilitate the implementation of gas solutions that will increase the productivity, competitiveness, profitability, comfort, and reliability of specific chains and franchises in member service territories. The Relationship Manager will strive to match the business, energy, and environmental needs of NA Customers with the resources, knowledge, and solutions available from the gas utility industry and ESC. This dedicated individual shall communicate the benefits of natural gas solutions and also be a spokesperson for our industry by creating "brand" awareness and supporting customer programs promoting carbon reduction and green solutions. Both new and existing facilities will be targeted. Consortium members guide the selection of target segments and retain the services of an NA Relationship Manager that will focus on (in order of priority provided by the membership):
o Restaurant Chains
o Supermarkets with Food Preparation
o Retail/Big Box Stores
o Hotels and Lodging
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