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Industrial Energy Efficiency Consortium


This consortium merged with the Industrial & Major Accounts Consortium.  Consortium deliverables can be found at: https://www.energysolutionscenter.org/consortia/industrial__major_accounts_consortium1.aspx


Main Objectives and Target:

This consortium effort aims to encourage the implementation of technologies that will improve both productivity and energy efficiency while lowering operating costs and environmental impacts such as green house gas emissions/carbon footprints. New high temperature furnaces, melters, heaters, radiant devices, condensing boiler systems, direct contact water heaters, combined with advanced combustion systems, automation, controls, and monitoring equipment are part of a solution set for our industrial and institutional customers. Oxy-fuel combustors, new heat recovery schemes such as thermo-chemical recuperators, and hybrid concepts will be evaluated for their effectiveness in lowering carbon footprints. Workshops, webinars, tools and application guides are being developed to help member utilities identify best practices for their customers.

Completed Deliverables and Ongoing Activities:
• Technology Support: We are working with and monitoring industry and government initiatives such as CEE, DOE's Industrial Technology group, NRCan to provide customer guidance on efficiency measures at industrial facilities. We are represented on two DOE committees. One that aims to improve the efficiency of US Industry and another that is working on the development of a comprehensive website, InDEED that will list energy efficient equipment. The consortium is also provides the resources and continues to compile information for a comprehensive Energy Efficiency Resource Guide.
• Data Base on Equipment, Controls, Measurement, and Energy Management Tools: We are building a data base of solutions sets for industrial facilities. Our TMAF meetings now have an Energy Efficiency/Conservation track, as well as regular representation at the TMAF industrial session that invites both customers and manufacturers to feature product solutions and program plans.
• Education and Marketing Program: We are developing workshops, webinars, and web-based guides that feature product solutions, energy management tools, and calculators for increasing the efficiency of industrial operations. A website provides a comprehensive listing of technology solutions, a manufacturer's area that features product innovations, and a News Flash area that reports on recent developments on rebates, government programs, and impending regulations

Proposed Deliverables:
• Case Studies
• Compilation of EE Screening, Evaluation, and Application Tools
• Web-based Resources that expand product solutions, provide measurement and verification guidance, and updates rebates and incentives for energy efficiency.

Web Sites and Public information: