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Commercial Buildings Consortium

Main Objectives and Target:

The Commercial Buildings Consortium has been primarily focused on creating sales and marketing collateral material for various natural gas technologies across a broad set of commercial market segments.

Completed Deliverables:
• Created a series 1 & 2 page customizable handouts and support material to leave behind with customers. Total of ~ 800 pages covering commercial technologies as used in 9 primary commercial market segments and 5 niche markets.
• Created more than 33 commercial case studies.  Posted publicly.
• Created 14 Presentations for A&E ‘lunch and learns’ or customer workshops (~900 slides)
• Comprehensive Vertical Subdivision Design Guide that members may customize
• Built a booster water heater tool, oil vs. gas emissions calculator, water heater payback calculator & CO2 tool.

Proposed Deliverables:
• Continue to create new commercial case studies
• Commercial Representative Sales Training Module
• Web basing CO2 tool, adding other energy sources and price capabilities.

Electronic copies of the various deliverables produced by this consortium are posted here.  Case studies are posted publicly on ESC's web site.


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